Celebrate Maidu Land

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After ten years of hard work the Maidu Summit,  a non-profit organization composed of representatives from nine Mountain Maidu groups, have just received title to more than 2,000 acres of their ancestral lands, Tásmam Koyóm, or Humbug Valley. This is a cause actively championed by my friend and colleague, Farrell Cunningham, who has recently passed on and a landmark first step toward reclaiming the right to steward indigenous land.

Their present objectives include:

  • Stewardship of Humbug Valley for the creation of the first Maidu National Park
  • Creation of new opportunities for community revitalization efforts within the context of land conservation, habitat education and restoration
  • Development of a comprehensive collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to demonstrate a new era of equal-partner cooperation between our tribe and major agencies
  • Acquire new funding opportunities to bolster dynamic efforts to expand organizational capacity of the Maidu Summit Consortium
  • Provide employment opportunities to members of our tribe who possess unique cultural knowledge and expertise as part of a long-term plan toward revitalizing fading cultural practices

For more information, http://www.maidusummit.org/maidu-land-management-plan/

The Living Wild Project has been an active supporter of the Maidu Summit and 100% or the profits of California Bay Cleaner, go to support the organization. Donations can be made directly to www.maidusummit.org or through the purchase of California Bay Cleaner, available at stores in Grass Valley and Nevada City and through www.flavorsofthewild.org.