Salmon – Yurok Style

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Merk Oliver's Smokehouse, by Thomas B. Dunklin

Merk Oliver’s Smokehouse, by Thomas B. Dunklin

During my February class at Soil Born Farm, I served some smoked salmon, given to me by Thomas Dunklin, who has learned to prepare salmon according to Yurok tradition. Many of the class participants fell in love with the taste of the salmon and asked for the recipe.

Dunklin’s favorite salmon ingredients are “salmon, salt, lemon pepper, and AIR.” He also recommends, “Don’t forget some sunlight and wind – an open smokehouse is much better than a closed box!”

Enjoy his time lapse video clips, and try not to get dizzy from the speed of the shots, but get inspired to smoke salmon, Yurok style. More info fromĀ or

Stripping, seasoning and hanging:

Cutting and canning:

Salmon Smokehouse of Corky Sims, photo by Thomas B. Dunklin

Salmon Smokehouse of Corky Simms, photo by Thomas B. Dunklin