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Local Superfoods: Elderberry and Chokecherry

Share…Local Superfoods: Elderberry and Chokecherry : One of my favorite ways to enjoy the summer is by collecting local wild berries that are high in antioxidants. Recent laboratory studies have confirmed the anti-viral effects and demonstrated a high content of Vitamin C in elderberries. Elderberry flowers (Sambucus species): The Diegueño, Coast Miwok, Kashaya, Cahuilla and Yuki Indians used […]

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Spring Wild Salad, Elderberry Syrup, Ceanothus Flowers

Share…April 1st-8th 1 I collected Ceanothus (also called Buckbrush, Ceanothus cuneatus) flowers to dry and use to treat poison oak this summer. They were also used as soap and smell wonderful!   2 Watercress salad collected during a hike. It is slightly bitter but delicious!   3 I collected fresh Alder bark to experiment for […]

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