Healing Wounds: Pine and Plantain

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Healing Wounds: Pine and Plantain

-Rachel Berry



Pine and plantain are two abundant plants we have in the northern California region for wound healing.  These two plants are particularly useful for stings, bites, splinters – any situation when something needs to be drawn out from the skin.

The pitch from a pine tree and the leaves of plantain can be applied fresh, directly to the skin, after a sting or processed into a medicinal oil and then made into a healing salve as described below:

Step 1: Plantain Medicinal Oil

Loosely fill a glass jar with fresh, chopped up plantain leaf. Pour olive oil over the plantain and cap jar.  Leave on a sunny windowsill for 3-4 weeks, and shake the jar daily.  When finished, strain plant material from oil with a cloth or cheesecloth.

Step 2: Pine Pitch Medicinal Oil

Collect resin from natural deposits that occur on pine trees. Fill a container about 1/3  – ½ full with pine pitch (pick a container you don’t mind losing – it will be hard to get the pitch out after you are done). If you have a big chunk of pitch, put it in a rag and hammer it into smaller pieces before putting it into the container. Add olive oil and fill to the top.  Let it sit in a sunny location for four or five days, and shake regularly.  When finished, strain oil from pitch.

Step 3: Making the Wound Salve


4 parts medicinal oil, half pine pitch oil and half plantain oil (by volume, ex: 4 ounces),

1 part beeswax (by weight, ex: 1 ounce)


  1. Melt beeswax in pot or double boiler until melted.
  2. Add the oils and stir.  When fully blended, remove from heat and pour into a glass container to harden.

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