Coyote Mint Chocolates

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Coyote Mint Chocolates

Coyote Mint Chocolates

Coyote Mint Chocolates

Collect leaves of Monardella villosa in spring or summer, prior to flowering.

1 cup raw cacao butter

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1/4-1/2 dried and finely ground Coyote Mint leaves

1/4 cup raw, local honey to taste

2 Silicon Molds (available in cooking stores)

Mixing Coyote Mint Ingredients

Mixing Coyote Mint Ingredients


-Melt cacao butter in the sun. If not preparing raw, melt on low in a double boiler.

-Add cacao powder and stir until smooth.

-Slowly stir in Coyote Mint powder.

-Add raw honey, using more or less depending on desired sweetness, and mix well.

-Spoon into silicon molds and set in freezer for an hour.

-Keep refrigerated or frozen.

Note: Do not consume large amounts of Monardella villosa or Monardella odoratissima if pregnant. Substitute with other species of mint or native edibles.