Manzanita/Peach Jam, Ceanothus Tea, Blackfruit Dogwood Berries, Currants, Wild Watercress Salad

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January 22 – 28

Sun. Jan. 22 – Oak Nut Flatbread

Mon. Jan. 23 – Oak Nut Flatbread with Manzanita/Peach Jam (Lisa Bruno’s recipe)

Tue. Jan. 24 – Oak Nut Marzipan (previously made and frozen)

Wed. Jan. 25 – Ceanothus Tea

Ceanothus Tea Recipe

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Turn off heat and steep ½ cup Ceanothus (C. integerriumus) leaves. Steep for no longer than 3 minutes and strain. Sweeten if desired for an antioxidant-rich tea.

Thu. Jan. 26 – Blackfruit dogwood berries; collected and kept in fridge in water

Fri. Jan. 27 – Currants (Ribes roezlii) just discovered; still dry on bush

Sat. Jan. 28 – Wild Watercress salad (collected from a stream during a hike)