Recipe- Manzanita and Peach Jam

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Wild Food Forums Cooking Recipe- Manzanita and Peach Jam

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    Mama Lisa

    Altered the recipe in “Living Wild” to work with other ingredients that I wanted to use for jam. First I created Manzanita Cider following Alicia’s book description. Then I prepared the large white peaches for canning by blanching them to remove their skins. Next, I filled a pot with the peaches and covered them with the Manzanita Cider and added 3 cups of sugar. I brought it all to a full boil and continued to tend to the batch by stirring and slowly removing the peach pits. I then took a lemon and squeezed half of its juice into the fruit mixture. The mixture boiled for a while, until the peaches were broken down and the consistency I wanted was there. Next, I added 2 packages of liquid pectin stirring constantly for a minute or two. Now the batch is ready for canning. Very sweet fruit taste with a little tart aftertaste.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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