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Salmon – Yurok Style

Share…During my February class at Soil Born Farm, I served some smoked salmon, given to me by Thomas Dunklin, who has learned to prepare salmon according to Yurok tradition. Many of the class participants fell in love with the taste of the salmon and asked for the recipe. Dunklin’s favorite salmon ingredients are “salmon, salt, […]

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Douglas Fir Tip Video

Share…It is truly the last chance to collect the tips of Douglas Fir, high in Vitamin C. The bright green tips offer a clue to the right time to harvest and this video provides a basic introduction. Collecting Douglas Fir Tip Video Douglas Fir Probiotic Soda Recipe This “soda” is a very good digestive aide […]

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Maidu Plant Journey in Bear Valley

Share… Discover native plants and their uses through the stories of Farrell Cunningham, a Mountain Maidu. Enjoy native plant snacks and drinks, traditional songs accompanied by elderberry clappers, and hand games.

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