Month: May 2013

Cultivating the Wild: Water Needs of Natives

Share…Cultivating the Wild: Water Needs of Native Plants -Darlene Ward The native plant garden has different requirements for water than a vegetable or cutting garden. It is tempting to believe that all native plants are drought resistant, but of course that isn’t true. Consider the many different habitats in which we find native plants. Here […]

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Healing Wounds: Pine and Plantain

Share…Healing Wounds: Pine and Plantain -Rachel Berry Pine and plantain are two abundant plants we have in the northern California region for wound healing.  These two plants are particularly useful for stings, bites, splinters – any situation when something needs to be drawn out from the skin. The pitch from a pine tree and the […]

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In the Land of the Mountain Maidu

Share…In the Land of the Mountain Maidu –Farrell Cunningham So many things are happening here at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada mountains it seems impossible to write about them all. Two major projects continue and spring is in full bloom. The two major projects are the Susanville Indian Rancheria Weye-Ebis project and the […]

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