Month: January 2013

Weye Edis (Language Persists)

Share…Susanville Indian Rancheria Project: Language restoration and perpetuation Each time we lose a language, we lose the perspective and ideas inherent in it and part of the core of what it means to be a human being. We lose an idea that has been developed through time. A way of interaction and all that is contained […]

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On the Wild Food Trail

Share…Everyday Wild Log:  I’m motivated to take my connection to the land to the next level. We live off-the-grid with solar and a micro-hydro back-up system and grow a garden that we hope can provide much of our food throughout the year. Last year, I kept a log through July of integrating a wild, native […]

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Gardening with Manzanita

Share…Last year, my blog concentrated on the seasonal care of a native plant garden. This year I’ll describe some of the plants that I think belong in the garden. In the midst of winter, Manzanita dominates my attention as dormant buds looking like chicken feet sprout from the ends of branches. They actually started growing […]

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