Month: June 2012

Summer Wild Edibles

Share…Summer offers a deep call to spend time outdoors in nature. I enjoy collecting native plants for food and health since it connects me with the abundance of our local landscape. My favorite summer edibles from the Sierra Nevada region include Currants, Chokecherries, Elderberries, Manzanita berries and the leaves of wild grapes. Collect Currants and […]

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Summer in the Native Garden

Share…How do you spend your summer? Are you busy hiking, traveling, growing vegetables, socializing? Or do you lounge in the shade in your hammock? Native plants are the lazy-bones of summer. To conserve energy, they slow down, and many go dormant and wait for the first rains of fall. Spring is actually fall, when most […]

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Douglas Fir Tip Video

Share…It is truly the last chance to collect the tips of Douglas Fir, high in Vitamin C. The bright green tips offer a clue to the right time to harvest and this video provides a basic introduction. Collecting Douglas Fir Tip Video Douglas Fir Probiotic Soda Recipe This “soda” is a very good digestive aide […]

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