Month: March 2012

Meadow Restoration

Share…Pulum Koyo: Year 1800 and 2011; Future To be Determined (Pulum Koyo means Grinding Rock Meadow in the Maidu language) Late Summer 1800; Pulum Koyo. Singing softly, a woman, ceanothus and redbud pack basket beside her, uses her mahogany digging stick to pry the papam tubers from the ground. Later she will string them and […]

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Nettles, Manzanita Muffins, Venison & Rose Hip Tea

Share…March 1-10th March 1 Manzanita Blossom Jelly. It turned out more like syrup than jelly, but tastes delicious and is a beautiful, deep crimson color. I’ll use more sugar next time or just plan on it being enjoyed as a syrup. 2 Miner’s Lettuce Salad; Nettle Tea I found nettles coming up in my garden! […]

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Urban Wild in Sacramento

Share…Spring is fast approaching. In the Sacramento Valley, that means the greens are up, trees are flowering, and very soon, young, tender leaves will be found among the vines.  Sadly, this time of year is also spray-time for many, a time when they look out at their “pristine” yards and see enemies encroaching upon their […]

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