Month: June 2011

Can Beer be Medicine?

Share…Virtually every culture around the world has developed its own herbal alcoholic beverages based on local plants. Wines and meads made with local plants can provide medicinal benefits as well as essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Although many people are daunted by the prospect of home brewing or wine-making, all that’s required is a […]

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Wild Grape Dolmas

Share…Matt was recently out looking for spring mushrooms, and came home with a lovely puff ball and a handful of morels. That same day, I was scouting for the Wild Food & Medicinal Herb CSA, and came home with dozens of beautiful fresh wild grape leaves. It was destiny – I cooked up some wild […]

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Foraging for “Wild Asparagus”

Share…This eternal spring has brought a lot of green our way. Lots of plants are happy with the extra moisture and are sending up flowers, but before many do there is a cool vegetable that can be had at the right time. I am not actually talking about the wild asparagus, but a host of […]

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